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The vision of the Accounting Department is to be a leading and highly respected
Department in the Kurdistan Region for its excellence in teaching, quality of
research and professional services.

. Mission
The primary mission is to provide high quality accounting preparation for
professional careers in public accounting, industry, and other organizations. The
undergraduate program is devoted to providing basic accounting and business
knowledge and skills, along with general education, needed for career

Learning Outcomes
on successful completion of the program offered by the Department, the students
will be able to:
 Develop competencies such as technical skills, interpersonal skills,
analytical skills and other managerial skills. 
 Disseminate theoretical and practical knowledge which would be beneficial
to the society 
 Maintain conducive learning environment which smoothness the learning


 General skills
 Identify, formulate, and solve problems. 
 Understand professional and ethical responsibility.

 Analytical Skills
 An understanding the role of Accounting. 
 The ability to abstract general principles from examples
 Problem-solving and modeling skills 
 Techniques for solving problems

 Entry Requirement
Students who want to start undergraduate study at Accounting Department
should have above 60% at Math, Physics and English Language subjects of the
last year of the preparatory school.

Learning Progress

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve

Best Practice

Modern Classes

Scientific Trips

Years of Studying

Medical Degree

Syllabus of Stages

Subjects Course Name Theory Practical Credit
 Principles of Management 
 Principles of Accounting 
 Principles of Statistics
 Computer Applications 
 English Language
 Governmental Accounting
 Principles of Accounting (English) 
 Financial Mathematics 
 Scientific Debate 
Total ……………………………………… 56

Subjects Course Name Theory Practical Credit
 Research Methodology (Project) 
 Computer Applications 
 Principles of Economy
 Intermediate Accounting 
 Cost Accounting 
 Specialized Accounting
 Unified Accounting System 
 Advanced Accounting 
Total ……………………………………… 56



Students will need to have passed Grade 12, in the science field. 


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