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 The nursing department aims to graduate skillful and active nursing staff to
provide nursing care to individuals in our society.
 Introducing new nursing specialties based on the local and regional health
needs for undergraduate and graduate levels within the accordance with
the accreditation standards for these programs.
 Develop the student’s skills of logical and analytical thinking while providing
nursing care for their patients.
 Motivate faculty members to participate in scientific research through the
formation of research teams with the participation of students
 Motivate faculty members to participate in local, regional and international
 Cooperate with the health organizations in the provision of care to the local
community through health education seminars and free health screening

. Mission
Work according to standards of high academic quality that prepare nurses who
are qualified and equipped with information and nursing skills necessary to
provide holistic nursing care, community service, and to achieve competitive
advantage at both local and regional levels and support scientific research.


Excellence in nursing education, scientific research and community service at
both the local and regional levels



Gasha Medical Institute intends to place the students in an internship program
with the hospitals and different medical centers in the region for four weeks, as a
practical experience in their field in the summer.

Laboratory exercises and experiments and field work will be essential
components of Gasha’s educational program. To carry out the necessary and
required practical experiment of the program, Gash Medical Institute will be in
process to establish the following laboratories as the first phase of a
comprehensive laboratory infrastructure.
 Computer Lab
 Medical surgical Nursing Lab
 Anatomy and physiology Lab
 Biology and Chemistry Lab

Learning Progress

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve

Best Practice

Modern Classes

Scientific Trips

Years of Studying

Medical Degree

Syllabus of Stages

Subjects Course Name Theory Practical Credit
 Anatomy and physiology 
 Clinical Biochemistry 
 Medical Microbiology 
 Fundamental of Nursing 
 Computer Application

 English and medical terminology Total …………………………………………… 52

Subjects Course Name Theory Practical Credit
 Adult Nursing 
 Paediatric Nursing 
 Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing 
 Nutrition & Diet Therapy
 Professional Ethics 
 Research Project 
 Community Health Nursing
Total ……………………………………………… 60



Students will need to have passed Grade 12, in the science field. 

Our Staff

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Sarhang Hasan Aziz Nwri

Head of Nursing Department


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