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General Outcomes
 Learners will have a shared understanding of active learning which is
embedded in proactive at all stages (1st and 2nd year) across all
curriculum areas.
Learners are fully involved in the learning process, they are engaged,
motivated to think critically.

 Specific Learning Outcomes:
GIST English Language department educates well qualified graduates who can
communicate fluently at the work environment, graduates at this department are
able to:
 Will gain the language skills that they need for their future career,
 Will learn professional English communications.
 Will learn culture awareness and understanding of English communication
 Will acquire knowledge about everyday English language communicative
skills at workplace including written and spoken expressions (e.g. emailing,
telephone, presentation, workshops and hospitality and etc...).

GASHA Institute will be the leader in the provision of high-quality English
educational programs that encourage excellence, promote critical thinking,
develop autonomous study skills and foster lifelong learning for young adults.


A positive approach to lifelong learning and understanding that all students have
the capacity to gain knowledge with the all core language skills. Speak English
fluently for their future careers in both workplace and any other settings which
English language is the official or second language for communication and daily
life needs.



Behavior, language and actions demonstrate a high regard for self and others.


GASHA Institute has two significant functions: to provide continuing education
and re-entry to education options for local students who want to pursue higher
academic degrees. And provide a language competency for fresh graduates at

The two- year comprehensive curriculum plan for EAP (English for Academic
Purposes) aims to provide an outline and indicates the main tasks and skills;
speaking, listening, reading, writing and language use cores for each module in
the compulsory program. The key principle understanding the design is that
TASK- based Learning, which gives meaningful and authentic contexts for the
learning and application language skills and knowledge, and is also fundamental
to the English language curriculum in the region. Here are the two year modules
at the English Department.


Gasha Institute of Science and Technology intends to place the students in an
internship program to enhance student’s workforce awareness in a real practice
of their professional work career.

 Academic Staff
Name Degree
Dr. Dilovan Sayfuddin Saady PhD. Sociolinguistics
Sangar. S. Hamad MA. TEFL
Yousif A. Omer MA. TESOL
Areen Ahmad MA. TESOL
Kochar A. Sadiq MA. TESOL

Learning Progress

Best Practice

Modern Classes

Scientific Trips

Years of Studying

Medical Degree

Syllabus of Stages

Subjects Course Name Theory Practical Credit
 Reading Comprehension I 
 Writing Techniques I 
 Grammar I
 Building Vocabulary in Context 
Computer Applications 

Subjects Course Name Theory Practical Credit
 Speaking and Listening Skills 
 Reading Comprehension II 
 Writing Techniques II 
 Grammar II 
 Language Communicative functions 
 Building Vocabulary in Context II 
 Business English 
 Introduction to English Culture 
 Final Year Project 



Students will need to have passed Grade 12, in the science field. 


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