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After a diligent and comprehensive research and analysis of programs, curricula and syllabi of high schools, two-year institutes  and colleges in Kurdistan, it has been concluded that the region is in urgent need of academic and professional training at an international standard level in various medical technologies and disciplines. Many active private and public hospitals in Kurdistan are facing severe shortage of skilled medical assistants at all levels.

Gasha Group based on the aforementioned factual analysis is proposing the establishment of Gasha Technical Institute to educate and train medical assistants (skilled medical workforce) in several medical fields like Nursing, Pharmacy, Dental Technology, and medical laboratory technology throughout KRG.

If Kurdistan wants to be an effective and up to date part of education and professional processes in these fields, it has to be prepared to engage the profession in the dominant medium of the teaching, research and practicing in medical fields. Therefore, English language will be the only medium of teaching and instruction in Gasha Medical Institute. The Gash Institute Language Center will determine the English competency level of applicants through placement tests and based on the results of these evaluations applicants would be admitted to the academic programs.


The two-year Diploma degree program at GTI is designed to educate and train high school graduates in various fields of medical technology in the region. The graduates of GTI would be the premier skilled medical workforce to serve medical centers, hospitals, and diagnostic centers in KRG.


To be the premier medical institution of career education and training in Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Objective of the Program

•    To provide students with necessary knowledge and skills required in medical technicians.
•    The graduates of the program will be able to function in multidisciplinary medical environment and gain the ability to make decisions and asses help to solve health.
•    At the end of the program, graduates would be able to effectively communicate effectively orally and prepare medical reports in English.
•    The skills and knowledge acquired by graduates can be used to further a higher degree and also pursue a career in their interested medical field successfully.
•    To let students be aware of professional, social, environmental and ethical responsibilities and conduct himself/herself accordingly.

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To apply for Gasha Technical institute, the student should:

  1. Have a high school certificate or what equals.
  2. Submit high school certificate approved  by the Ministry of Education regarding foreign certificates
  3. The high school graduates of previous years have the right to apply for the institute departments.
  4. Application does not mean acceptance at the departments of the institute because that depends on the competition for available seats and the average of high school.


The applicant should provide Gasha Technical Institute with the following forms and documents when applying:

  1. The application form after filling it by the student and the school and approving it from the Ministry of Education.
  2. Coloured copy of the Civil Status Identity with the original one for audit.
  3. Coloured copy of Iraqi Nationality Certificate with an original one for audit.
  4. A medical report.
  5. Six personal photos with a white background, size (4 x 3).
  6. High school graduation certificate approved by the Ministry of Education.

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