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Seminar on avoiding weak presentations

Sun, 04/Oct/2015

Gasha institute always tries to use new and latest technology methods for the purpose of student’s better understanding

Renovating GASHA institute

Sun, 13/Aug/2017

GASHA Community add a new floor for GASHA institute building

GASHA basic school with English curriculum opened.

Sun, 17/Sep/2017

GASHA basic school are well experienced in children educational in additional to that many English native teachers teach in our school. 

GASHA Kindergarten, a home for your children.

Sun, 03/Sep/2017

GASHA Kindergarten is a highly academic, co-educational and English-medium for children.

Incredible discount offers at GASHA Private High School

Sun, 06/Aug/2017

Student Enrollment For The  2017-2018  School Year Has Begun in GASHA Private High School.

The first medical non-governmental institute opened in Hawler.

Sun, 03/Jul/2016

GASHA community for the first time got certificate to establish GASHA technical institute and includes two departments:

GASHA institute, the first foundation of GASHA education community

Sun, 01/Jun/2014

GASHA institute got formal certification by ministry of education and accept the graduated students of 9th grade basic school

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