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Scientific Trip to Kurdmax Channel

Mon, 14/Dec/2015
Scientific Trip to Kurdmax Channel

Scientific Trip to Kurdmax Channel

Computer department in cooperation with Gasha Institute Media arranged a scientific trip for two groups of students of first year of Computer department on 14th Dec, 2015 to Kurdmax Channel. Complete corporation and help were given by the directorate of the Channel. The students were divided into several groups so as to gain better benefits and obtain answers to their questions. For each group a supervisor was appointed by the staff of the channel. All the parts of the channel workplace were shown to each and every single of the groups. The supervisor was explaining and elucidating the stuff himself/herself and most of the students did the things as a test.

The parts were: dub, montage, green studio, photography, mixing and mastering, IT and server. Moreover, the administrative manager talked about how the channel is run and managed and gave a brief and concise explanation about world's media in general and, in particular, Kurdistan's media.

Since the students have just seen and familiar with the TV programs, dubbed dramas, series and stuff in remote and when they visited the channel station and saw the things with their own eyes, they were saying that was great and they were very enthusiastic. The students claimed and approved that it was useful and they have gained a lot of mouse.

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