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About Gasha Kindergarten: 

Gasha opened its doors 2017, welcoming pupils from Kindergarten to Grade 3.  It is an exciting and challenging time for our children, as they are encouraged and supported by teachers, to begin their academic journey. 

Our classrooms are spacious and give children the opportunity to learn and play.  Each teacher also has an assistant, to make sure that all the students needs are met, and attention is paid to all.  We have 4 KG classrooms, 2 are allocated for KG1, and the other to KG2. 

English, Maths, Science and Art are taught, along with other subjects, as they are introduced to a vast range of topics, preparing them for their academic journey in the following years to come.  All subjects are taught in English. 

We have a library that contains a variety of books to introduce them to reading. They also have a story time three times a week, where all students talk about what stories they have read.  This is to improve their communication skills. 

Breakfast and lunch are served every day.  Pupils are provided with healthy, nutritious food, which include: dairy products, fruits, vegetables and grains throughout the week.  The cafeteria is located inside the building, and the teachers walk all students there, help them get their food, teach them eating manners, wash their hands before and after every meal, put their things away and walk them back to class. 

Music and physical education are part of their daily routine.  All students will be taught the Kurdish national anthem, along with many other educational English songs. 

For Physical Education, children are taken to the playground outdoors, to enjoy games and sports.  An indoor sports room is available, and is full of fun activates, for rainy days.  The playground and indoor room are also used during break times. 

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To introduce our pupils to the world of academia and develop their interests. 


Our vision is to provide a strong start for every child, to make sure they are confident, have strong social skills and a good foundation in literacy and numeracy. 


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