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Petroleum Technology

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is blessed vast sources of oil and natural gas, and so is a major contributor to global energy needs. 

The operating oil and gas companies in the region are booming, and constantly looking for qualified and motivated technicians to take part in petroleum resources development. 

The Petroleum Technology Diploma that Gasha Institute offers is a unique program that is internationally recognized. 


The Diploma offered intends to educate and train young, energetic and intellectually ready individuals from the region to meet the demands required by the petroleum industry. 

The program is designed to train technicians in the downstream and midstream petroleum industry and provide a broad overview of the petroleum industry. Students will undertake essential subjects in areas of oil exploration, drilling, well completion, petroleum geology, production, well logging, introductory reservoir engineering, and environment and safety. In conjunction with the above courses, students will be introduced to computer programs relevant to their field, and basic maintenance and equipment repair. The program will be driven by petroleum industry hands-on- instruction through laboratory experiments and field visit of operating oil companies in the region. 


Gasha Institute has been successful and is fast becoming a primary source of petroleum technology training establishment in the region.  We are recognized for our quality of education and research.

Learning Progress

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

Best Practice

Modern Classes

Scientific Trips

Years Of Studying

Diploma Degree

Syllabus of Stages


English Language I

Mathematics I

Arabic Language

Introduction to Computer Technology

Introductory Physics + Lab

Introductory Chemistry + Lab

Overview of Petroleum Industry

Physical Education

Human Right Education



Chemistry II + Lab

Mathematic II (Pre-Algebra)

Introduction to Energy Resources

Physics II

English Language II


 Applications + Lab

Petroleum Industry Safety, health and Environmental Impact 

Physical Geology + Lab

Arabic Language


Physical Education


Crude Oil Properties

Instrumentation to the Petroleum Industry 

Petroleum Computer Applications

Petroleum Geology + Geophysics

Mathematics III (Algebra)

 College English

Introduction to Drilling
Physical Education


Introduction to Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum  Exploration and Well logging

Drilling Engineering  and Drilling Fluid Lab

 Calculus I

Well Completion Operations and Well Log Interpretation

English for Petroleum Engineers

Production Surface  Equipment

Oil Field Hydraulics

Special Topics


The fifth year cirruculum will published next near. 

Objectives of the Program

  1. To educate students to be petroleum technologists who are competent to assist in exploration, drilling, well completion, production, reservoir characterization and technical support.
  2. The graduates of the program to be able function in multidisciplinary work environment and gain the ability to make decisions and solve problems.
  3. Graduates would be able effectively communicate orally and prepare technical reports in English.
  4. Graduate achieve knowledge and specialized training that enable them successfully pursue a career in petroleum industry.
  5. To be aware professional, social, environmental and ethical responsibilities and conduct him/herself accordingly.


Gasha Institute intends by the conclusion of the forth academic year to place the students in an internship program with the petroleum industry in the region for two to four weeks as a practical experience in their field.


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