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Business Administration and Accounting

Business Administration and Accounting

Business Administration and Accounting. 

The aim of the Department is to encourage students to develop an understanding of the fundamental principles in the area of Business Administration and Accounting.  Students will be provided with training in the following fields: Principles of management I & II, Principles of Accounting, Intermediate accounting, Marketing management Firm accounting, and principle of Economics.  

At Gasha, our students will leave after five years, with highly developed skills, and be able to think creatively, analytically, logically and critically.  

The Department of Business administration and Accounting Diploma is fast becoming an internationally qualified program, and we are confident that our students will be in demand, around the region and outside of it. 


The Diploma in business administration and accounting program offered by Gasha Institute intends to educate and train young, energetic and intellectual individuals from the region to meet the demands for skilled work-force by the private sector and the KRG institutions.

The faculty will provide Gasha students with ample opportunities and experiences that allow them to further continue their studies or enter the community workforce with aptitude.

Developing students’ analytical and critical thinking and encourage them to become better decision-making individuals. 


To succeed and become the primary educators in Business Administration and Accounting.  To strive Gasha Institute succeed and become a primary source of Business Administration and Accounting Department training institution in the region to train skilled and well qualified technicians. We will strive to be recognized for our quality of education and research in the region.

Learning Progress

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

Best Practice

Modern Classes

Scientific Trips

Years of Studying

Diploma Degree

Syllabus of Stages

English Language Foundation

Computer Application 2
Phyysical Education
English Language
Arabic Language
Intermediate Accounting
Principles of Management 2

Computer Application 3
Physical Education
English Language
Arabic Language
Corporate Accounting
Principles of Economy
Marketing Management

Computer Application 4
Governmental Accounting
Cost Accounting
 English Language
Accounting for  Financial Institutes
Scientific Research Methodology 
Auditing &Internal Control

The fifth year cirruculum will published next near. 


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