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About GASHA Institute

Gasha Institute is a private vocational further education school, which works alongside the Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 

It is an English language-based five-year program with three departments:

  1. Petroleum.
  2. Computer Science.
  3. Business Administration and Accounting.

In the first year of study, all students undertake an intensive English language course, prior to their chosen field which will be studied from the second year onwards. 

Gasha Institute has a co-educational, multidisciplinary environment.  Students will gain a Diploma at the end of their program, after which they can either find employment or continue their education at university level. 

Students in the Petroleum Department will be placed in an internship program within the petroleum industry for two to six weeks, so they can practice what they have learnt. 

Aside from education, we also provide recreational activities.  We have taken advantage of our large property by creating a sports field where students can play football, basketball and volleyball.  Students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities, as it brings the departments together, such as festivals, exhibitions, cultural fairs, and sporting events. 

We also provide a canteen for the students, and a garden for them to rest during their break times. 

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Our Video


To apply for Gasha  institute, the student should:

  1. Have a basic school certificate or what equals.
  2. Submit basic school certificate approved  by the Ministry of Education regarding foreign certificates
  3. The high school graduates of previous years have the right to apply for the institute departments.
  4. Application does not mean acceptance at the departments of the institute because that depends on the competition for available seats 


The applicant should provide Gasha Institute with the following forms and documents when applying:

  1. The application form after filling it by the student and the school and approving it from the Ministry of Education.
  2. Coloured copy of the Civil Status Identity with the original one for audit.
  3. Coloured copy of Iraqi Nationality Certificate with an original one for audit.
  4. A medical report.
  5. Six personal photos with a white background, size (4 x 3).
  6. High school graduation certificate approved by the Ministry of Education.

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Shakhawan Talaat Rahman

General Director

Software Engineer

Ranjdar Kamaran Hussein

Director of Media and PR



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