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About Us


Gasha Community includes our specialist Educational Services, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  We work alongside the various ministries to ensure that our students’ achievements at the end of their course are recognized nationally and internationally.  Our teachers are highly qualified and are assessed through Quality Assurance, as set by the Ministry of Higher Education.  We also provide various training programs and workshops throughout the year, to help with their development.  Gasha Educational Services was begun in 2014, with the opening of our first establishment, Gasha Institute, and has since expanded to Gasha Technical Institute, Gasha Kindergarten, Gasha Primary School and Gasha High School.  Our commitment to education does not stop here.  Soon, Gasha will open more academic institutions.  Plans for an International School and a University are underway.  Our vision is to create an Educational Compound for Educational Services, where all are welcome. 

To give the new generation a pivotal role in the future by preparing them to be leaders and decision makers. 

Preparing the Local workforce for the years to come. 

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Shakhawan Talaat Rahman

Chief Executive Officer


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